Design Process
Our user-centric design process can adapt to you, no matter what stage your design is at.

With UX, simple is much better. But simple isn't easy.

01 Discover

We start with understanding. This is where our crew joins forces with your crew. We leave no stone unturned, immersing ourselves in the mindset of your users. We critically analyse the current market and keep an eye out for shiny things – curiosities and insights that indicate what’s working and what needs more research. All of this assessment tells us where to dig down in our next phase.

Main deliverables include

02 Define

This phase will be familiar to fans of design thinking. We uncover the juicy parts of our research, and we begin to tackle them with our bag of tools and tricks. We develop a strategy through clear definition of user goals, needs, and problems, ensuring the collaborative input of every member of our expert team. Once everyone’s weighed in, we arrive at a decision about what’s getting built.

Main deliverables include

03 Ideate & Iterate

This is where we start getting our hands dirty. We get stuck into design sprints, going from the gut, ideating and iterating intuitive on-screen strategies. We end up with a robust prototype, primed for testing, and we set it loose on real-life users. Once we have some feedback, our team decides whether we re-iterate what we’ve got, or move forward into the beautification stage.

Main deliverables include

04 Design

Visuals get people talking, and we love starting conversations. With your brand firmly in mind, we create or update your product’s style in a way that is engaging and emotionally evocative. We geek out over systems, so functional, consistent visual language is the order of the day. With the whole thing running smoothly, animations and transitions aligned with your brand values bring your product to life. Now your product is ready for development.

Main deliverables include

05 Handover

We pride ourselves on the clarity of our communication. When we handover files, anyone can understand what they’re getting. We’ve got your developer’s back, too, ensuring our designs are being assembled pixel by perfect pixel. We track results, monitor the process, and let you know when to pop the champagne. Whether it’s consultation or a big, new challenge, we’re always here to help.

Main deliverables include

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Product Validation
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UX Update
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