Page/Screen Design Strategy

On-page strategy to cushion your user through your product and hit those business goals

Designing what actually goes on each page/screen needs to be considered

Strategising for each scroll and swipe, click and tap needs to be aligned with the goals for your website/app. It also helps briefs in developers and other stakeholders of the plan of attack before going too deep.

01 Page goals

Firstly, we start with the top-level pages as these pages will be the main starting point for all flows. From here, we begin to formulate on what the actual page goals are for both the user and the product.

02 Prioritising content

This leads to prioritising the content and actions. We nominate what call to actions are the most important for the user and what content we should be making the user engage with.

03 Layout design

From here we design the above in a simple skeleton proto-wireframe. We stress the need to keep it simple and void of any visual design so we can start to discuss and iterate on the flow and layout of the page.

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