Discovery Session

Understanding what lies ahead, so we know how to approach. The best start to any UX design process.

Almost always, we use our discovery sessions to begin projects

It helps us understand exactly where you sit, find out the exact problem, understand who we are designing for, and set up the product's success and goals. It's usually done in one sitting too.

01 Organise

Setting up a date and time to with all the right heads in the game. We book out our cool looking meeting room and give up an easy to follow to agenda and some preparation before we begin.

View agenda here

02 Market fit

We start off by knowing the main idea behind the product. This follows into a more in-depth look into competitors and comparators. Finding where you fit in the market.

03 Your users

Moving on to your users and their problems. We map personas and note down pain points, their needs and their goals. This helps us segway into your products needs and goals, achieving a light into what success would look like.

04 Pathway to success

The last step is creating a high-level user journey going from the discovery of product to achieving the end goal. This helps narratives and visually presents the overall plan and efforts in the design journey. A bonus part is you get all of the results and learnings in a neat, friendly PDF, to show to potential investors or other specialists who need to be involved.

View Workshop PDF

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