Information Architecture & Sitemapping

Help your users know where to find what they are looking for

Where would we be if we didn't have precise categorisation and easy to follow paths.

Digital apps would be a nightmare. That's why understanding how your users organise content and features, helps them find what they are searching for quicker and enables your product to be the tool for their problems.

01 Understanding content

We start by knowing every bit of information, content and features of your website or digital app. This follows into an exercise called Card Sorting, where we get your users to group the content that relates to each other.

02 Finding patterns

From there, we start to find patterns and groups that we can use our top-level navigation points. This helps give us the starting point of our navigation design.

03 Navigation design

With our navigation design, we can start to place screens/pages in the correct top level. Working our way to achieving clear and user-centred paths to each linked content or feature. Ending with an agreed-upon sitemap from the team.

Check out some of our work where created a strong IA & Sitemap


Native app, Product Redesign

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Native App, Product Redesign