User Testing your UX and UI Designs

The key to unlocking your products true potential.

I'm going to try to use an analogy here to describe user testing.

Let's say a friend tells you about a restaurant you should try, they tell you about all the great dishes etc. and they really hype it up. Then you go to a said restaurant and have a completely opposite experience. This is exactly the same thing as assuming your users are going to interact with your product the way you have described it to be. Putting your product out for testing with u
sers that would actually interact with it is the best kind of feedback you can get.

01 Set Goals

During discovery, we will decide together the assumptions and strategies that we would like to achieve out of testing, this helps to align expectations and determine the type of testing we conduct.

02 Create user testing questions

The next step is to set formulate and create a questionnaire that will accompany our prototype. These questions will help us understand more profound the users' thoughts and feedback around our assumptions and allow us to get more in-depth feedback.

03 Synthesize results

Through discovery and research, we will decide the type of users we need to test with and how many, usually that's between 5-10. We will work with you and our partners to source the right users.

04 Iterate

We like to keep the numbers lower so rather than getting a large sample size we can re-test. After discussing goals with you we will make iterations to your product for another round of testing.

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