The missing link between your design and your users

Testing will help catch unforeseen user issues

Prototypes allow us to test the functionality of your product before development, they are vital for rapid iterations and validating user journeys.

01 Start with User Journeys, IA and Sitemapping

The first step is to ensure that considerable time and validation has been made to your journeys, Information Architecture and Sitemapping. This is a valuable step because the way your users navigate around your product needs to be sound as your prototype links will follow these.

02 Decide on the detail

The next step is for us to decide the level of detail that is required to fulfil the prototype needs. For example, if we just need to validate a key user journey internally without users a low-fi wireframe will suffice. However, if user testing is required more detail may be needed to ensure the user fully understands what they see in front of them.

03 Beautiful UI Prototypes using Figma

There are two amazing tools we use to make your prototypes come to life, that being Figma and Protopie. Figma is great for simple low-fi wireframe prototypes all the way to high-fi with the final UI. The benefit here is that it utilises the same UI that will be shipped to development so we can easily make adjustments in one area when needed.

View prototype

04 Take it to the next level

This is where the magic happens, with Protopie we can add animation to your prototype to emulate the real thing. This is a super handy tool that allows us to create a fully functional product inside browsers, mobile devices and even smartwatches. The benefit of this is that we can create prototypes for user testing without a heavy investment required when development is needed.

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