Product Validation

Becoming confident your product is a winner

Becoming confident your product is a winner

Average Timeline

4-5 weeks

Before you start making grand plans about your product idea, it's pivotal to know if your users will actually need or want it. This results in a range of foresight and insights, which could help minimise costs or pivot slightly to guarantee more success. Within this process, the central theme is your users, we speak to potential users first and foremost, clarifying their needs before we look to meet those need.

01 Discovery

It all kicks off with a workshop to get our heads around the idea itself. Segment and explore the primary users of the product, and note down all the problems we are solving for those users. After considering how competitors and comparators have solved a similar problem, we formulate problem statements to guide our thinking. By the end, we have a solid ground to start asking the right questions to potential users.

Main deliverables include

02 Define

Within this Define phase, it's all about research. Here we test our assumptions about the problems that our primary users are facing. We gather as much info as we can around how users currently experience the problems in their lives, and how they are looking to solve them. Resulting in a clearing the narrative of the problem, perfect to start ideating solutions.

Main deliverables include

03 Ideate & Iterate

With our problem statements refined after the define phase, we will run another workshop to ideate solutions and map out a full customer journey through the product and its features. We will then select the most integral area to focus on, where we will get granular and look at how users will interact with that feature screen by screen. Now having the agreed strategy and direction, it's time to get these into working designs.

Main deliverables include

04 Design

Taking the area of focus from the Ideate & Iterate phase, we will use a templated design system. This help makes it a little more visual, which results in accurate testing. We will design actual finished screens ready for testing and even to be released in the market. While they will not be uniquely branded, they will be functional and professional. Helping us move forward into the last step of one final validation.

Main deliverables include

05 Validate & Handover

We send out our newly created prototype to test with five targeted users, asking them to complete specific tasks and give us some feedback. A final report will consolidate the results and indicate the best way to move forwards with the product. The last debriefing session together will help plan the next steps. Whether it's a big tick to now start adding more features to taking a step back and resolving some issues. You are finished with a validated prototype.

Main deliverables include

“Alyoop has been a pleasure to work with. Their ability to not only make things look great but also understanding where product problems lie, and what our users’ problems are, is what sets them apart”

Matthew Endresz Managing Director of Zukaz