Visual Directions

Making your product come to life through beautiful UI

We use your brand to nail the direction for your users

Visual directions are where we bring your brand to life through the user interface design.

01 Understanding your brand

The first step for us is to understand your brand and messaging. This will help us understand all of the time and effort made by your branding team to create your brand and communicate to your audience. Our goal is to best translate that to interfaces your users interact with whether that be via your marketing website or your app with a focus on usability.

02 Setting the stage with moodboards

In this step, we create visual mood boards that are made up of UI, colour, typography imagery and live links. This allows us to share our ideas of how we can translate your brand to screen. We also begin choosing typefaces that are made for screens that are very different to what is printed on your business card. We can confirm that we are on track before we get too excited in Figma.

View moodboard

03 Designing visual directions

This is the exciting part, in this step, we will work to design an initial page or series of app screens that show how your product could look like. Internally here for us, there is a lot of training and adjustments discussions with our team and lots and lots of experimentation so we can deliver a UI that best represents you and that is functional for your users.

04 Presenting various options

When presenting visual directions we generally prefer to give you some options so in this step we collate and gather our best options and present them to you so we can decide what works best.

View initial page design

Check out some of our work on how we updated the visual direction

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