User Journeys

Journey's need to be planned, so there are no hiccups along the way.

Users meandering without a direction will only lead to drop offs

User Journey's identify the starting point to the end goal and map out each step along the way to assist the user in the most intuitive way possible. One of the most essential steps in all of the UX process.

01 Understanding your users steps

Firstly, we pick one of our primary targeted users. Then we map out a heuristic evaluation, which is mapping out a standard thought process and queries posed in solving an external problem. This helps us understand the mode of thinking a user might take when solving a problem.

View heuristic evaluation

02 Structuring your users steps

This follows into mapping out the user journey based on the users heuristic evaluation. We start with placing the discovery of the problem on the left-hand side and the goal on the right-hand side.

03 Aligning it with your goals

With each query and modes of evaluating, we try to match them with content, actions and features. These can be content, actions and features or poses a great chance to ideate ways to help solve those queries.

04 Leveraging for ideation

We now have a full user journey of that primary user covering how to solve their path from discovery of the problem to problem solved. This now propels us in really helping shape content, features and actions.

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