UX Content Grouping

Content is the mouth of your product. If it doesn't speak, no user will listen.

Arguably, the most essential part of any website or app is content.

Content grouping is a preliminary step towards figuring out a website’s information architecture. The hardest part is creating a starting point to strategise, design, and iterate all the content, so it works across the board.

01 User queries

From our discovery and research of common questions and problems your users are going through, we map out these into common user queries.

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02 Grouping

Once we have agreed on the multiple common user queries, we start to think of which type of content will help in resolving these questions. They can be as simple as 'Contact Form' or 'How to Apply section'.

03 Secondary grouping

The last step is to then base some more content of the secondary grouping if need be. Helping to fully flesh out where the content would live and be understood.

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Check out some of our work where content grouping formed paths

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