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Project Timeline

4 month partnership

Company Stage

8 years old

Process Used

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The Project

Despite leading the market since 2012, BTCM’s image and processes were stuck in that year. They help serious traders, so their website needed to get serious too. BTCM needed a page that established them as the national leader in cryptocurrency exchange and delivered a crystal clear message about their values and services.

BTCM Website

What we discovered

01 Unclear audience

BTCM's website cast the net too wide. They weren't targeting ideal users, so they missed out.

02 Information overload

The website tried to say too much in one place. It needed to be de-cluttered and simplified.

03 Old-school UI

Sometimes things go out of fashion. BTCM needed a look that matched their cutting edge new brand.

Who we designed for

NP Persona 1
Finance Manager

A tech-head that knows how to make money work for them. They're building their portfolio and want a platform that will help it grow.

NP Persona 2

A computer whiz who has systemised their investments. They want a platform where they can leverage those methods to multiply their success.

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01 We discovered ideal customer profiles and crafted features to suit them.

Before we stepped in, the BTCM website lacked clarity. They weren’t speaking to the users they had targeted, which meant they were losing beneficial customers. We identified a number of user profiles based on their goals, problems, and motivations. This research let us design a content strategy that speaks directly to the ideal audience.

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02 We decluttered info-dumps to streamline information delivery.

BTCM’s website was dense and convoluted, merging several subjects into one confusing page. Our information architecture process uncovered patterns and themes that separated those tangled threads into distinct topics. We gave each topic its own page, which improved information accessibility and removed a number of obstacles to user acquisition.

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Testimonial Lucas Dobbins

After working with Alyoop to help us with our website, we hired them again for the next. It’s difficult to find creative agencies that care, can project manage efficiently, and take user problems and think about holistic solutions; these are three of many things they do incredibly well.

Lucas Dobbins Software Development Manager, BTC Markets
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03 We brought the UI into the present day and matched it with a fresh brand.

Going out of fashion creeps up on you, and BTCM were due for a redesign. After they nailed a fresh brand, we had to make a website that suited. We created a marketing design system that maintains consistency, enhances scalability, and informs the product design system. All that, plus it gave BTCM’s site a glossy, cutting-edge feel.

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