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Case Study Headers ALTR


Project Timeline

8 week partnership

Company Stage

Established Start-Up

Process Used

UI Refresh

Project Description

ALTR Project lets coaches and trainers easily design and deliver programs without all the time consuming admin. Aimee, founder of ALTR, approached us to take her product to the next level with an overhaul of the user interface design and a tweak of the user experience. Some deep new features needed to be introduced across mobile and desktop with a strong and unified brand style.

Problems we discovered

01 Disconnect between ALTR brand and UI

ALTR's brand wasn't evident through their current app and felt confusing.

02 No system in place.

There were too many isolated elements and components that were connecting into a unified system.

03 Lacking visuals

ALTR needed a design language that would talk and attract its users.

Who we designed for

ALTR Persona 1
Coach / Gym Owner

An ultra-fit athlete that runs their own gym and wants to spend less time creating programs and more time tracking their clients.

ALTR Persona 2
Beginner/Competitive Athlete

A beginner or seasoned athlete that wants to stay focused and improve themselves by checking their progress and goals.

ALTR Full Width Image 01

01 Fixing a visual disconnect

The ALTR brand needed to be carried across marketing collateral and what were essentially two independent app environments facing different user groups. We used style-boards to hone in on a visual style that was energetic, vibrant, relatable, and simple.

ALTR Full Width Image 3

02 A design system for solid UI design

Information needed to be sent between two application interfaces, with differing audiences, so consistency was a challenge. We deconstructed the initial product like dismantling a completed Lego toy. Once we had everything laid out, we could put it back together and create a lasting design system that could be applied to both apps.

ALTR Full Width Image 01
ALTR Large Size 01

"Alyoop was fantastic to work with right from the beginning. I’m so used to doing things myself, or taking the fastest approach to ‘get things done’, but with them taking their time to really understand the product and our ideal customer, they were able to create a design that went far beyond my expectations. Very adaptive and would listen to any feedback I had. Highly recommend working with them!"

Aimee Tawhai Founder, ALTR
ALTR Full Width Image 4

03 A stronger visual identity

The pre-existing UI was exactly what you would expect from an early stage product, just the essentials needed to get users active and engaged. But ALTR had to pack more of a visual punch to really stand out against the competition. Bold colours and imagery fit the industry and gave ALTR the edgy and active feel it needed.

ALTR Half Size 02
ALTR Half Size 01
ALTR Large Size 02

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