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Zerocap is a market-leading digital asset specialist that provides liquidity, digital asset custody, asset management and technology to forward-thinking investors and institutions globally.

Zerocap Website

Zerocap's Audience

Zc persona 01
The Conservative Investor

Laura is a 52-year-old accountant with over 15 years of experience in the stock market. While seeking stable, long-term growth options, she’s exploring the world of cryptocurrencies. As a conservative investor, Laura is cautious about taking risks but remains open-minded and curious about crypto’s potential.

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The Adventurous Investor

Alex is a 34-year-old entrepreneur with seven years of experience in cryptocurrencies. As an early adopter, he’s passionate about the potential of crypto to revolutionise finance. Always looking for the next big thing in the industry, Alex is driven by his desire to stay ahead of the curve and make a lasting impact.

Areas of Focus

01 Brand Update

A bold identity for a bold mission

02 Discovery

From complex problem to simple plan

03 Working in Sprints

A focus on efficiency and collaboration

04 UI Style

Creative designs, consistent application

06 Marketing Website

High impact, no fuss

05 Web App

A progressive and intuitive product

01 Brand Update

Already gaining significant traction in the market, Zerocap needed a more premium colour palette and sophisticated logo allowed Zerocap to attract younger and more established customers alike by representing “The bridge between digital assets and traditional finance.” Custom 3D graphics created a library of brand assets gave Zerocap a unique edge and a flexible visual landscape that was not reliant on the dated stock photography utilised by so many of their competitors.

Zc 02
Zc 02
Zc 03
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02 Discovery

Initial discovery workshops engaged all key Zerocap stakeholders to clearly articulate the problems to be solved. To avoid creating roadblocks for the development team, we established a sprint-based working model that prioritised one user flow at a time, testing and shipping designs through to development on a regular basis.

Zc 29
Zc 28

04 UI Style

While bold and unique, Zerocap’s new colour palette presented a design challenge as we looked to standardise and simplify colour use to maximise usability. We used the colours more expansively on the marketing website while avoiding complexity in the digital product, using the highlight green to drive user action and the darker charcoals to create a layered effect between design elements.

Zc 06
Zc 07
Zc 30
Zc 31

05 Marketing Website

The centrepiece of Zerocap’s new brand voice, the marketing website featured custom 3D rendered imagery and striking colour contrasts to create a memorable experience. Plenty of space gave the concise and direct language room to breathe, driving users to explore further.

Zc 04
Zc 05
Ryan Mc Call grayscale square 2

"Working with Alyoop for six months on a retainer partnership in UX Design, UI Design helped us breathe new life into our Marketing Website, Web App and Mobile App. Their collaborative approach and attention to detail allowed us to create something powerful, unique and carefully tailored towards our users."

Ryan McCall CEO at Zerocap
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06 Web App

The first web app overhaul kept development work to a minimum, focussing on applying the new brand elements to the existing functionality so that it could be released as soon as possible. A second, more comprehensive overhaul included major changes to the user experience and the inclusion of brand new features.

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