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T3 Index and MIAX

Project Timeline

6 month partnership

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The project

SPIKES Volatility Index is a leading measurement of the top stocks on Wall Street, based on the SPDR® S&P 500® ETF (SPY), the most actively traded ETF. Developed by T3 Index and powered by MIAX, one of the world's largest derivatives exchange groups, the index is poised to revolutionise Futures trading. To raise brand awareness and showcase their position in the market, SPIKES needed a website that effectively communicated the speed, reliability, and power of their index by displaying live and accurate data for prospective traders to assess and utilise.

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Problems we uncovered

01 No Identity

Volatility Hub had no face, so no-one could see them

02 Information Overload

Lots of studies, PDF’s and studies but they were too scattered

03 Live Data was missing

No actual evidence of showing how better they are than VIX

Who we designed for

Vol Hub Persona
Futures Trader

A seasoned futures trader who tracks market volatility. They have been using Volatility trading for a while, specifically VIX, but are always on the lookout for something to help improve their position and strategy.

01 With a new identity, comes direction.

Volatility Hub required a distinct and compelling identity to set itself apart from its primary competitor, VIX. By adopting a high-tech aesthetic and conveying a sense of speed and dynamism, the Volatility Hub positioned itself as a significant upgrade for potential traders. This approach enhanced the platform's credibility and reinforced its status as a formidable challenger in the market, ready to compete with its well-established rival.

1 Vol Hub
2 Vol Hub
3 Vol Hub
4 Vol Hub
5 Vol Hub

02 Streamlining access to accuracy and transparency resources

Despite being relatively new compared to its main competitor, SPIKES seized the opportunity to highlight crucial resources that demonstrated their rigorous methodologies and commitment to delivering highly accurate, robust data. While this wasn't the primary objective of the website, it served as an essential facet of their strategy to increase brand awareness. This approach underscored the seriousness and credibility of the product, validating SPIKES position as a worthy contender in the market.

6 Vol Hub
7 Vol Hub
8 Vol Hub
9 Vol Hub
10 Vol Hub
11 Vol Hub

03 Familiar Charts, quick data

The primary aim for the website was to showcase live data sourced from their APIs, demonstrating to prospective traders the superior speed of SPIKES. The challenge of displaying real-time data without system overload was tackled effectively to prevent potential crashes, which could have adversely impacted the reputation of Volatility Hub and SPIKES. By utilising chart libraries and other ready-made resources, we tailored the aesthetic to align with the Volatility Hub's brand, ensuring a familiar yet distinctive design of charts that left a lasting impression.

12 Vol Hub
13 Vol Hub
14 Vol Hub
15 Vol Hub
16 Vol Hub

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