Assessing and managing concussions for impact sports



Project Timeline

8 month partnership

Company Stage

Invested Startup

Process Used

Full Process

The Project

HITIQ are a fast-growing healthtech startup dedicated to reducing the prevalence of head trauma in high-impact sports. They use hardware and software to put relevant information into the hands of sporting professionals. As they took their company public and engaged in major contracts with national and international sporting codes, they needed to upgrade their look and feel to match their new identity on the big stage.

Areas of Focus

01 Discovery

Uncovering user information

02 Style Direction

Creating a branded UI style

03 Website

Tech Premium feel

04 Design System

A flexible language system

05 Data Vis

Important designed insights

06 Cross-Platform Apps

Design screens for various screens

Who we designed for

HITIQ Persona 01
League Executive

A top executive with a duty of care for player safety wants to find validated methods to help reduce the risk for their league.

HITIQ Persona 02
Player Association Executive

A determined individual big on player welfare and rights wants to find the next best method to understand data to advocate for their players.

01 Mapping the path to success

We started with some discovery research, taking the time to understand deeply understand our users. We wanted to get a sense of their motivations, goals, needs, and desires, so we held workshops and sessions with the team to consolidate past data and current thoughts. Through heuristic evaluations, we were able to map out how and why users would engage with the product and where there were opportunities for design solutions to enhance their experience.

1 Hitiq
2 Hitiq
3 Hitiq

02 Premium and tech-first UI style

Time to focus on the visuals. We knew from early discussions of the brand - expertly developed by Light Creative - that we needed a UI style that felt premium and future-focused, while also maintaining a sports identity and conveying a sense of security. We wanted the visual style to indicate that all of HITIQ's products are innovative and data-driven, backed by thousands of hours of testing and research. Through collaborative moodboard sessions, we explored various ways to bring this style to life before creating a clear style guide to tackle the website and product designs.

4 Hitiq
5 Hitiq
6 Hitiq
7 Hitiq

03 A web presence balancing tech and humanity

The website was crucial for expanding HITIQ's brand awareness and enabling executives to initiate product discussions. With Art Direction and a professional video and photography shoot from Light Creative, we struck a balance between emphasising HITIQ's cutting-edge tech and incorporating the human element of athlete vulnerability. The website featured a healthy mix of visual and written content, highlighting HITIQ's tech and databank as a clear and effective solution to the pressing concussion problem in the world of sports.

8 hitiq
9 hitiq
10 hitiq
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12 hitiq
13 hitiq

04 Consistent and adaptable Design System

HITIQ had a wide range of products, but the lack of design consistency across them was hurting their brand. To tackle this challenge, they needed a design system that could work across various platforms, from web apps to native apps. We collaborated with HITIQ's development team to create a malleable style and usable components that would not only establish a comprehensive language of existing components but also be adaptable to future unique components.

14 hitiq
15 hitiq
16 hitiq
17 hitiq
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19 hitiq
20 hitiq
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22 hitiq
23 hitiq
24 hitiq
HitIQ Favicon

We came to the Alyoop because we had a website that didn’t reflect our brand or product. Adrian and team dissected the areas our users needed to see for us to know what to present on the website. They understood the direction we wanted to take and executed a website that feels premium and tech-focused.

Julia Wells Senior Frontend Engineer, HITIQ

05 User-Friendly Data Style for Vital Insights

At the core of HITIQ is the ability to present vital data and insights that empower users to make informed decisions. Therefore, it was crucial to design a data style that was not only visually appealing, but also easy to comprehend and use. We made sure to create graphs and charts that were familiar to experienced users, while also developing ways to make the information accessible to those who were newer to the field.

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