User interface refresh

Upgrade your interface, your users are worth it

More times than not, your product is behaving fine and doing its job; however, it's not the most straightforward product to use or visually engaging

Average Timeline

3-4 weeks

With the addition of connecting the interface with your brand, a UI Update is a decisive move to boost your product to the level it deserves. We help by understanding your brand and discovering all the current usability issues and interface updates needed to upgrade your UI.

01 Discover

Firstly, we get to know your product and go through all the main topics of intentions, goals and features. We then briefly discuss your users and understand them a bit better, what they like, what other apps they use. Making us then take a look at your current brand and what it projects onto your users and how we can capture that through the UI. Finishing it off with an audit of all components within the product, finding duplicates and inconsistences.

Main deliverables include

02 Define

We take you through the product audit and highlight the components that need updating or removal. There are also inclusions of components that will strengthen the features immensely. From here, we start to conduct research and look at directions of the visual brand that matches the overall brand. Warming up hands to begin designing.

Main deliverables include

03 Design

From choosing a visual direction, we then start to apply it to a design system or a simple style guide. We create our visual language first (fonts, colours etc). Then we move onto the components and start designing them (buttons, form fields etc). Once we design the necessary requirements, we apply them to most of the screens, so you can start seeing the product come to life. Seeing how the new visual language and components dance with each other.

Main deliverables include

04 Handover

The final step is cleaning up the design system or simple style guide to prepare it for future use for other designers. We turn the Figma file into a working documentation file. Now it's all ready to be handed to a developer to start the implementation. Assisting the developers along the way until it's pixel perfect and ready to be loved by your users.

Main deliverables include

After working with Alyoop to help us with our website, we hired them again for the next. It’s difficult to find creative agencies that care, can project manage efficiently, and take user problems and think about holistic solutions; these are three of many things they do incredibly well.

Lucas Dobbins Software Development Manage, BTC Markets

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