Connecting qualified babysitters to busy parents

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Poppinz is an on-demand babysitting service that makes it easy to find a trusted babysitter. We helped take Poppinz all the way from concept to release on the app store.


Native iOS App

Three-Month Partnership

Product Design

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Initial stages

We gathered data on both key user groups, parents and babysitters, through a combination of online surveys and face-to-face interviews. This allowed us to learn about our users' experiences with babysitting and what was important to them. We found four key areas Poppinz has to nail to guarantee their place in the market:

  • Create trust between babysitter and parent
  • Create an easy way to find babysitters based on parents' preferences
  • Allow parents to stay up-to-date during a babysitting session
  • Create a strong and identifiable visual brand
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Creating trust between babysitter and parent

Our research showed parents wanted to know about a potential babysitter's certifications, childcare education, first aid training, and previous experience. Emphasising these details in babysitter profiles, along with a profile picture, helped to build trust. An intuitive filtering system helped parents view only profiles that met their expectations.

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Easy way to find babysitters based on parent's preferences

Through workshops with the client, we discovered the most valuable features to include in the MVP. Having an easy way for parents to find and book a babysitter was always the number one priority. We ran tests for the different booking flows and found that availability was the first filter we should apply, helping to narrow the field to babysitters available when the parent was in need.

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Allowing parents to stay up-to-date during a babysitting session

An in-session hub would allow parents to receive regular updates, sending them notifications for key events like when their child has been fed or gone to bed. More transparency means fewer phone call check-ins and more peace of mind.

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Alyoop have been great from our very first meeting up until our product is out in the App Store. Not only are they great designers with amazing creativity and attention to details, but they were also extremely attentive and helped us so much with the process of ideation to product launch. They were easy to work with, very responsive, and always ensured our requirements were met.
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Jesslyn Tantomo - Poppinz Founder

Create a strong and distinct visual brand

The Poppinz brand needed to attract parents and babysitters alike. Our research showed that a soft, approachable, and playful visual language was the way to go. We used daycare centres as inspiration and stressed the importance of copywriting that matched the designs.

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Design system

Consistency in visual assets helped to articulate the brand's legitimacy and authority. A detailed design system ensured consistency throughout the app and also sped up both the design and development phases. The design system is built to grow and scale with the app as future versions are released.

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