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Pearson Clinical is one of the world’s largest commercial distributors of psychological testing materials. Their website was confusing users and putting a huge workload on customer support. A redesign helped to make the site more intuitive, increase sales, and reduce the amount of befuddled customers calling the support line.


Website, Partner Portal

6-week partnership

UX Audit, User Flows, Wireframing, User Interface Design

Pearson Clincal Website

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Initial stages

After establishing business and user goals, a thorough audit of the site uncovered three key issues:

  • Not easy to see what types of products are actually available
  • No simple navigation or filtering to look through different product types
  • Userflow from finding an item through to making a purchase is not user-friendly
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Catering for a vast range of product types

With different packages, hard and soft copies, and a whole string of version histories for many of the titles, the choices were overwhelming. It was a difficult for a user to find the right product and feel confident to move through the purchase process. Clear signposting and hierarchy helped to direct the user's eye, helping to them to make the right choices and navigate to the products they were looking for.

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Simplifying the navigation and filtering search results

A clean navigation using familiar design principles helped users to easily navigate the site. Adding an easy-to-use filtering system allowed users to refine their search results, allows their search to be a lot more targeted and helping to reduce the need to scroll or click through to other pages. Less time searching means less drop offs and more sales.

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A simple userflow from browsing through to purchase

Some uniques complexities, like the need to be a registered health professional to purchase from the site, meant the eCommerce process needed some special attention. Logical user flows were kept easy to understand by encouraging users to focus on one important piece of information at a time.

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Refreshing the user interface

The user interface needed to be brought up to speed with Pearson's global brand guidelines. A design system was created to maintain consistency and help keep the development process smooth and quick. A clean user interface allowed the content and products to take centre stage.

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