Keeping plants well watered, basically saving the world one garden at a time

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Hydrawise combines hardware and software that allows users to schedule their watering system simply and remotely, saving money and reducing waste. They've dominated the market as the best WiFi irrigation system and they came to us for help giving their hybrid application a modern overhaul.


Web and Native App

6 Month Partnership

Product Redesign

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Initial Stages

First we got our head around the user personas (Contractors and Home Owners), business goals and user goals. Workshops, a thorough user experience audit, and a review of existing user data identified four key issues to address:

  • Onboarding didn't give enough information and direction
  • Contractors didn't have a hub to manage their business
  • Editing settings was too complex
  • Visual language was unintuitve and needed some sprucing up
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Designing an informative onboarding process

Our testing showed that Homeowner users were struggling to understand the terminology and industry lingo. As well as making copy recommendations, we designed informational clusters, meaning the user can focus on one piece of information at a time.

Contractor management system

Landscaping contractors were a huge market for Hydrawise, each contractor using the application to service dozens of clients for their businesses. We designed a simple and identifiable way for Contractors to switch between a tailored Contractor and Customer dashboard so they could easily manage their business remotely.

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Easier editing of settings

Usability showed that while Hydrawise has a lot of flexibility in its settings, the huge amount of options was leading to users feeling confused and overwhelmed. By displaying fewer options and breaking up screens into visually discernible sections, we helped users to focus on the settings that matter to them.

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Alyoop helped find simple design solutions to complex userflows and features on our hybrid desktop and mobile app. Their methodical and collaborative approach took both our users and developers into account, resulting in an intuitive and modern design
Cameron Ryan - CTO

Enhancing visual language 

The visual language needed a refresh with bolder fonts and splashes of colour to convey importance, motion or action. This helped to direct users and increase functionality.

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Design system

Creating a design system for an app makes it simple for future development and also allows the app to scale with consistent designs. Framing the UI components to change and move with the app helps developers to tweak and allows future designers to edit components.

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