Using artificial intelligence to create unique meal and exercise plans

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Back To My Body helps post-natal mums create tailored diet and exercise plans to get back in shape. We listened to feedback from Back To My Body's audience and helped to create a polished and intuitive product that that improved engagement and delighted users.


Web and Mobile App Design

Two-Month Partnership

Product Design

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Initial Stages

Audience research and a review of feedback from the Back To My Body prototype revealed four key issues:

  • No user onboarding
  • Unintuitive dashboard
  • No way to show how the product was learning about the user as they engaged
  • No way to show progress for a user
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User onboarding

Onboarding needed to teach a user how to use the app as well as record their aims and measurements. We had users answer questions over multiple screens, having them focus on one thing at a time and making sure they didn't get distracted while entering crucial information.

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Data showed the diary tab would be the most frequently used tab. We created recipe cards with a header image for each meal, featuring integral info that was of most interest to the user. Once a user had chosen a tasty looking meal, they could click through for more information.

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Like, Love, Avoid System

A simple way to demonstrate that content is tailored for the user. If the user clicks 'Like', the meal will be  shown again at a later date. If the user clicks 'Love', the meal will show more often. If the user clicks 'Avoid', the meal will never appear again. The more the user interacts with and rates recipes, the more tailored their recipe suggestions will become.

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Tracking progress visually

An easily consumable dashboard utilised graphs and a considered use of colours and text hierarchy to help users see how they are tracking towards their goal.

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User Interface

Our research saw new mums in the target market reacting most positively to light purples and richer pinks when combined with softer typefaces. Imagery shows mums being active with their children to demonstrate that exercise can be done with your child at your side.

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